Welcome, 2019

I know, we have passed the Happy New Year hype, but this is only the second week of 2019, so no problem about the timing.

Last year was a really special one for me. Among others personal and professional achievements, it was awesome because:

  • My husband and I moved to Vancouver, BC;
  • I’ve been working with Software Development for almost one year now;
  • I started doing private English classes to improve my skills;
  • Set up a Study System that works for me;
  • Financially, it was our best year. Even having some moving expenses, we were able to save/invest almost half of our income.
  • Stopped drinking coffee every day;
  • Read 14 books;
  • Discovered the CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – techniques (changed my life);
  • I did the Rails Girls Summer of Code program – which was amazing;

So, you can imagine how excited I am for 2019! Before I move on, I wanted to share my goals for this year:

  • Finish SCIP MIT course by December;
  • Launch 2 projects that I chose to focus on (and practice my UX and Software studies);
  • Have better knowledge of Vue.js (JS is not my passion, but it’s always useful);
  • Less shallow activities, more Deep Work;

I chose the word Patience to guide me during this year. And let’s see what 2019 brings to us. Happy New Year!

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