Design and Make Course – Girls in Tech

I did the Girls in Tech Design and Make Course (by Autodesk) a few weeks ago and I’m here to share my experience (and hopefully inspire you to take this course too!). I didn’t know before, but Girls in Tech have a platform called Global Classroom where you can sign up for different courses. Don’t forget to check it out!

About the course

The modules, the links, the extra materials… everything about this course was really well put together. We learned all the process involved in using Technology as a tool to solve problems, rather than an end itself. I must say that I became fascinated with Product Design and 3D Modeling after taking this course.

The main topics that we discussed were Product Design, Prototyping, and Iteration. We had to gather data and inspiration on a challenging issue, think of a Design Concept and iterate on different versions of the prototype after getting feedback and experimenting.

To achieve all of that, we used Tinkercad to model our prototype. Erica Nwankwo, our facilitator, shared some cool tutorials – especially from Instructables, for us to practice along the course. She also posted many motivational videos and posts 🙂

My first 3D product – Boost my Mood

I made some research on CBT – Cognitive-behavioural Therapy. I wanted to create something that would help people facing a cycle of negative thoughts or lacking motivation. This is something that I personally am familiar with and I wanted to explore this theme.

I first thought about creating a board game where you could identify your cognitive distortion and prevent you to get into the cycle of negative thoughts and a dice to suggest mood-lifting activities. But I realized that I would need more time to practice my 3D skills to model both, so I eventually stuck with the dice.

This is something that I’ve been learning after reading Feeling Good, by Dr. David Burns: action must anticipate motivation. It helps when I feel like not able to do nothing or just wanna stay in bed, so I can roll the Boost my Mood and do one of the activities to cheer me up!

You can see by the next images that I’m not much skilled at drawing, but hey, we all need to start at some point, right?

my raw sketches!

Here is the prototype of my Boost my Mood dice:

prototyping is fun!

Here you can check the first version of my 3D model.

Autocad Contest

As our final assignment, we had to submit a presentation, a kind of a summary of our previous 5 weeks of work.

Autodesk made a contest to select the 10 best presentations and offered to print the 3D models. The presentation included:

  1. Problem Statement & Design Brief
  2. Design Concept & Sketches
  3. Prototypes & 3D Model
  4. Storyboard


I made my presentation using Google Drive and you can take a look at it by clicking here. After all of that, I can’t express how happy I was when Erica sent me an email announcing that my presentation was one of the 10 selected! <3

(I didn’t model all the icons, there is this repository where you download  3D models for free called Thingiverse. It helped a lot. That was a great resource because otherwise, I would take more time to model all of those icons :P).

It was an amazing experience, I’m really grateful for this opportunity. The idea of thinking about a problem, creating a product and having it in your hand, is something that I could never think of before. I encourage you to try this process by yourself and let me know if you want to share it with me. Cheers!