Why I love the web

I am a junior back-end developer who recently discovered the exciting world of UX. If you take a look at my posts, you can see how passionate I am about working with Technology. I’m also aware that our industry lacks discussing relevant topics such as mental health, diversity (beyond race and gender) and accessibility and how important initiatives that aim to change are necessary.

When I was studying Computer Science in Brazil (only did one year and a half), I worked on an undergraduate research using Python and Arduino to create a game prototype for children with visual impairment issues. The idea is to have some physical pieces that would allow them to learn the basic of Math equations by playing with them. The computer gives instant feedback for them and it was an amazing journey to work on this. I have an article (this was the very first MVP, later) and the code is on my Github.

I also made the course Design and Make from Girls in Tech. I prototyped a dice that suggests some boost-mood activities for people who struggle with anxiety and depression, helping them to motivate to do their daily activities. I wrote about this process here, in case you want to check it out.

And I would say what I love more about the web is how we can create things from nowhere, just using our creativity to solve real-world problems. And how using Technology can bring those solutions to a large number of people.

A funny thing about my tech journey so far is that up until now, I always thought that being a back-end developer and a UX enthusiast were exclusive interests but… I couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, thinking on the whole process turns my life as a developer even better because now I try to think on the whole process and how to make the user more comfortable with what I am building.

With all that in mind, currently my goals for the next year are:

  • FInish my studies on Structure and Interpretation of Programs;
  • Practice more my UI/UX skills;
  • Write more and Speak at tech events. I like to share what I’m learning because it’s really hard to put all the pieces together when you are a beginner and people often assume you should already know stuff.
  • JavaScript. I have more experience with the back-end so far. I must say that Javascript is something that I don’t feel too comfortable with but I would like to learn more.


And that’s all, folks! While I was reading this, I realized how my interests have changed… and that is awesome! Until next time!