About me

stefannibrasil 25 jan , 2017

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Stefanni Brasil.

I am a Junior Sofware Developer currently looking for a new opportunity in Vancouver, BC. If you want to check my CV, just click here.

I have some experience with Ruby, Python, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I did one year and half of Computer Science in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But I am studying self-college Computer Science project on online classes.

I developed an educational game for children with visual impairments using PyGame and Arduino and you can check it on my Github. I am also developing an e-commerce to learn more about Ruby on Rails.

I am blogging since 2015 when I decided to switch to Computer Software Engineering. I like to share some things that I am reading, including books, investments, feminism, and Computer Science subjects.

Thanks for visiting my page! Feel free to contact me at stefannibrasil at gmail.com 🙂